>About WELSUM / Philosophy&Principles

『Provide customers with excellent product and service. 

 Extend friendly environment to employee.』

Cultural Core
“People-oriented” is the spirit of the culture in Welsum Technology Corporation. Starting from a human perspective, we embody the values of our corporate culture in our work and policies, prioritizing the needs of people, emphasizing employee working conditions and safety, and caring about career development for our employees.
Management Ideas
Excellence and Competitiveness
Quality Management
Green Thought
Operating Principles
1. We uphold the principle to provide customers with excellent service and high-quality products. We deeply understand customer needs and provide the best solutions and products.
2. "Talent" is the company's most significant asset. We value employee development, training their professional skills, and creating an environment where employees can excel.
3. We follow a humane management approach, promoting mutual respect, care, and cooperation among employees, and providing necessary assistance to our employees.
4. We aim to prevent potential dangers in the production process, prioritizing employee safety to protect the lives and property of employees, the company, and the community.
5. We place great emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, complying with environmental regulations, implementing international standard environmental management systems, optimizing product improvement processes, and practicing industrial waste reduction.